Crash course storytelling

The art of storytelling will help your brand gain attention, build trust and keep the audience coming back for more! In this crash course, I will teach you the fundamentals of brand storytelling: learn how to craft a content strategy, find the perfect format and tell engaging stories – to take your brand to the next level!

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brand storytelling crash course

Successful brands are storytellers!

Forget about boring content marketing strategies. Stop annoying people with the same ideas, the same content they see on every other channel. Stop spending money on third-party ads and wasting time and resources on random social media feeds.

Standard solutions are for standard brands. Want to stand out? Want to be better? Tell a better story!

In this storytelling crash course, you will get an hour-long creative coaching on brand storytelling. We will cover strategy, how to design the right format using your strengths and skills,  and how to craft engaging stories. It only takes one hour of your time to take creative control of your brand.

The ultimate brand storytelling crash course

In this online coaching you will learn the fundamentals of brand storytelling:
・How to craft a content strategy based on your audience’s needs and interests, combined with your brand strategy.
・How to create an editorial plan based on the Sweetspot Storymapping-Tool and best practices for ideation.
・How to tell engaging stories by finding the right format and channel for you.

Holistic storytelling

No more content marketing bullsh*t! Stop wasting time and money on content that doesn’t perform. Based on a holistic storytelling approach, you will be able to set your brand apart from the competition and win new clients. No matter how big or small your budget is, with a smart content funnel you’ll know exactly what to tell and where to publish your stories. Never run out of stories to tell.

Take your brand to the next level

In just one hour, you will learn how to take your brand to the next level. Use storytelling to get the attention of your audience, build trust, and keep them coming back for more. Marc T. Suess shares his knowledge and his experience from over ten years of working with brand owners, entrepreneurs, and artists, creating unique brands and successful content strategies.

“With the storytelling crash course I found a way to share my story in a powerful and authentic way and build a brand as an artist”

Lotte Hauss
Artist, Painter

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