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Spot on Classes

The Spot On Classes offer you lessons from outstanding creative minds and professional storytellers. Here they share their stories, knowledge, and insights from years of experience.
From defining your story through brand building and design to content creation and storytelling. Our lessons help brands, and creators to find their own voice and forge their own path. Come find the class that’s spot on for you.

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Spot on:

Creativity is the future


In today’s world, change is happening at a staggering pace. In order for individuals, businesses, and our society as a whole to deal with those rapid shifts, we need to be creative. Creativity helps us to cope with the ever-changing circumstances of our personal and professional lives. In this Spot On Class, Gilg teaches you how to use creativity for your brand.


Spot on:

Brand Storytelling Strategy


Storytelling and Content Marketing offer a variety of benefits for your brand. In this Spot On Class you will learn how to define your topics, choose the right channels, and tell successful stories. 


Spot on:

On-Stage presence


In this Spot On Class, Dr. Thomas A. Coucoulis will show you how to be a “Rampenpfau” (German for “stage peacock”). Meaning, you will be capable of being laid back in the spotlight and showing who you are, your personality. You don’t need to put on a mask for a unique performance. Instead, learn how to show your personality and cultivate the confidence to always be ready to get on stage.


Spot on:

Instagram Marketing


Instagram is used by millions of people on a daily basis. That makes it a relevant platform to showcase and advertise your products and services. With her unique SPRINT method, Eva will show you how to get started with your Instagram marketing and grow your following. 


Spot on:

On-Camera Presence


As a founder, an entrepreneur or an executive, you are inevitably going to find yourself in a situation where you will have to present on camera. It could be anything from a business pitch, to a presentation or a digital demonstration. In this class, Annelise Bianchini will teach you how to act natural, have fun and be your best self on-camera.


Spot on:

Find your story


In this Spot On Class, you learn about the foundation of brand storytelling: How to find your story. Creative and longlasting brand communication and corporate storytelling starts with your Core Brand Story. In this lesson, Marc Suess, Founder & Creative Director of Sweetspot Studio, shows you how you find your Brand Story.


Find the Sweetspot of your brand

Time to find and tell your own brand story? The SWEETSPOT STUDIO accompanies you in every phase of brand communication and storytelling – from the first workshop to the launch and marketing of your media products.

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