Be comfortable presenting on stage

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WHETHER YOU’RE on stage presenting, giving a pitch at work, or holding a speech at your best friend’s wedding, being calm and in control is crucial to get your message across. IN THIS SPOT ON CLASS, YOU LEARN HOW TO BE A “RAMPENPFAU”: HOW TO BE YOURSELF AND let your personality shine WHEN PRESENTING ON A STAGE.

Always be ready to get on stage

In this Spot On Class, Dr. Thomas A. Coucoulis will show you how to be a “Rampenpfau” (German for “stage peacock”). Meaning, you will be capable of being laid back in the spotlight and showing who you are, your personality. You don’t need to put on a mask for a unique performance. Instead, learn how to show your personality and cultivate the confidence to always be ready to get on stage.

Connecting to your audience

Get in touch and share emotions

When talking to a crowd, its important to say the right thing at the right moment. Easier said than done! Focus on the message you want to transport and build a connection with the audience. No matter if you’re holding an investor’s pitch, a speech to colleagues and employees, or moderating an event: you are always in a situation of communication. Make sure to get the listeners involved and build a connection by conveying emotions and sharing the way you feel about the topic.


In coaching, this is called “building rapport”, establishing a connection and mode of communication between the “performer” and the audience. This the foundation and a powerful basis for your presentation.


Enjoy the silence

When presenting, show that you are in control of the room, of the situation. One easy trick to accomplish this is to pause in order to take a sip of water. This produces a silence in the room, a silence which you control. This tension in the room is what pulls people in, get them on the edge of their seats to see what happens next. As you resume your presentation, you will feel the audience exponentially more involved.  

Your personality is your biggest USP.


Get ready for your on-stage performance

For each Spot on class, we provide workbooks to simply remember what you have learned and apply it to your brand. Just leave us your email address and get access to the workbook.

Workbook Brand Story

The workbook is a stagefright emergency plan:

  • Physical preparation
  • Build rapport
  • Relaxation

    Be yourself on stage

    The most important lesson for presenting on stage is to be yourself. Your personality is your biggest USP. Don’t put on a mask, be authentic, and have the confidence to show yourself. This makes whatever you have to say more believable and gets your audience involved.


    Preparation technique

    Before a big presentation, most people get nervous. With this technique, you can calm down and build the confidence to perform at your best on stage.



    Stand up with a straight back and your legs shoulder-width apart. Keep your knees slightly bent. Take deep breaths in the center of your body, letting your diaphragm move. Spread your arms to the sides, palms facing up. Feel the energy flow through your body. Hold this posture for about 2 minutes while continuing to breathe deeply.


    Studies have proven that this exercise helps you to release testosterone, which makes you more confident and calm. In time, your body will get used to this technique and the effect will kick in even faster.

    Your instructor

    Dr. Thomas A. Coucoulis – Rampenpfau
    Coach for rhetorics and public speaking


    As a coach and trainer for ten years, Thomas helps people who are in front of an audience to appear more confident and convincing in their speeches and presentations, and thus to be more successful. He helps clients to let go of their fear and stage fright, and have even more fun. Thomas has over 20 years of experience on stage. He is also the host of his Podcast “Ausgesprochen. Ausgetrunken” where you can learn more about personal branding and stage presence.


    Find out more about Thomas on his website:

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