Daniela Sinicropi

Personal brand identity for an architect

Daniela is an American-born architect, living and working in Florence, Italy. Her work combines the two worlds: the history and romance of Italy with the demands and standards of homes in the United States. As an architect with a Ph.D. in engineering, Daniela offers expats a one-stop-shop for finding and renovating a home in Tuscany. 

Daniela’s brand identity revolves around her personal service and her intimate knowledge of Florence. Her work thrives on her creativity and personality, which is why her logo is designed as a kind of signature. The color scheme is borrowed from Florence’s cityscape and the rolling hills of Tuscany: from classic terracotta roofs to the marble of the Duomo to the deep blue of the Arno River. The illustrations bring a some playfulness to the brand identity.

Based on the personal brand identity, I created the website and a social media storytelling strategy, showcasing her work and experience, and also featuring „insider tips“ for Tuscany. We shot an introduction video for her clients on locations in Florence. A brand identity with a little dolce vita from Tuscany …

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