How to start your Instagram marketing: The SPRINT Method

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Instagram is used by millions of people on a daily basis, making it a relevant platform to showcase and advertise your products and services. With her unique SPRINT method, Eva will show you how to get started with your Instagram marketing and grow your following.

If you are a marketing executive, social media manager, or entrepreneur you can increase the reach and awareness of your products and services with Instagram. Before you start using Instagram professionally, it is essential that your account is optimally designed. Your Instagram profile is your business card and it can generate more success and visibility for your business.


In this Spot On Class, founder and social media expert Eva Schneider introduces you to her SPRINT method. With years of experience in marketing and social media, she developed a simple, six-step method on how to set up and manage a successful Instagram channel. This makes it the perfect guideline for brands that are new to Instagram. Here’s how it works.

SPRINT method

S – Strategy

A clear strategy makes your life a lot easier: create a precise account timetable to plan your content. Content series, for example, help you save time and have a clear idea of what to post.


P – Profile

First impressions count! Your Instagram profile is your business card. Set up a custom-fit and professional profile. A lot of users will only skim your profile on the first visit. Based on your bio and impression of your feed they will follow you – or leave for good.


R – Re-Branding

Instagram is also a customer touchpoint: transfer your brand identity to your Instagram account. From your logo to colors and fonts – brand your account with your corporate identity and also adapt it to your feed, covers, and stories.


Start your Instagram marketing today

For each Spot on class, we provide workbooks to simply remember what you have learned and apply it to your brand. Just leave us your email address and get access to the workbook.

Workbook Brand Story

This workbook contains:

  • An introduction to the SPRINT method
  • Guideline on how to set up your Instagram account
  • All Takeaways from this lesson

    I – Content (the German word “Inhalt”)

    Content is the most important part of your Instagram strategy. Create posts with simple tools to save time and always have enough to share. For your feed, make sure you get an overall impression with evergreen content. For your stories, you can post highlights and everyday news.


    N – Network

    The power of social media is that you can build your audience, your own brand community. To grow consistently, you need to network with other accounts and engage with people. Make sure you build an active community.


    T – Tools

    The right tools will help you to create content and save a lot of time on a daily basis. From marketing automation to creative templates and posting schedules. A list of the best tools can be found in the workbook for this lesson.

    Results of the SPRINT method

    • Clear Instagram Strategy 
    • Consistent style & branding
    • Planning with templates
    • Easy photo & video creation
    • Community building
    • Apps & Tools

    Your instructor


    Eva Schneider
    Marketing expert and founder INSPIRED Social Media


    Eva is a social media manager and consultant with 10+ years of experience in social media marketing and international companies and agencies. E.g. Daniel Swarovski AG, Parfümerie Douglas, WPP/ MEDIACOM. Eva advises companies on all aspects of social media marketing.


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