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The sweetspot studio is your creative and entrepreneurial partner for brand building and design. With my experience in strategy, marketing, design, and product development, I help you build a memorable and meaningful brand.

Creative Director and owner Marc T. Suess

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I cultivated a creative practice as a designer, storyteller, artist, and entrepreneur. I draw from my experience as a creative director and brand consultant, working for over ten years with brands of all sizes and a variety of industries.
I studied Media Design and Innovation Management, two skills that I combine today to develop and produce successful media products. After career stations in advertising and design studios, as a freelance creative director, and co-founding two companies, I established my studio in 2020 to help entrepreneurs and artists to find and share the sweet spot of their brand. For this purpose, I developed a series of products and services from strategy workshops and creative coaching to design, storytelling, and development of media products.

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I offer with my studio:

BRAND building



digital product DEVELOPMENT 





illustration & artistic PRODUCTION 




Partners & Collaborators

What’s the sweet spot?

The “sweet spot” is a common term in various creative fields from music to design and cinematography; it’s the perfect moment when all things align and magic happens. When the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts. The sweet spot for brands is a unique positioning, a meaningful story, and outstanding design. When strategy meets design, storytelling and brand entertainment! Are you ready to find your sweet spot?